Recommendation letter for nurses are usually written by the hospital management or doctors under whom the nurse had worked. This sample letter contains the name, address and contact number of the hospital and specifies the time period for which the candidate was employed and also her responsibilities.Letter of Recommendation . Besides talking highly about the candidate’s on job responsibilities, the letter praises other relevant skills like customer ethics, professionalism which are important attributes for the profession.

Recommendation Latter Template

This Recommendation letter Template for employment promotion is meant for the position of a consultant. This letter is written by a senior and recommends the services of an employee who has worked under him for a long period of time. The letter ends with the contact no of the worker which can be used for any further clarification regarding the candidate.
Recommendation letter for employment of fresh graduate is written by the head of a college or university from where the candidate has graduated. A recommendation letter of this sort acts as a recommendation of professional capabilities as well as a character certificate for the employee. In this sample emphasis is laid both on the professional and personal qualities of the candidate for the position of a master degree program.

Free Recommendation latter

This Recommendation Letter for employment is for the position of an accountant and is written by a person to whom the candidate directly reported during the tenure of his employment. The letters details his role in the organization and how efficiently he managed emergency situations without losing his presence of mind. This letters holds a special significance since it is written by someone who was directly responsible for supervising the candidate. Usually  Free Recommendation Letter from friends in professional setups hardly carries any weight. However, the scenario changes if the friend happens to be a colleague. In the above mentioned sample the writer identifies himself as a colleague and friend of the candidate and explains his role in the company. He goes to stress the extraordinary professional abilities of his friend which he believes would make him a great asset for any company. The contact number of the writer is given I the end for re-confirmation purposes.